Nevada Residence


Designed by Patrick Bernatz  

The residence, which is situated on a 100 acre family-owned parcel outside of Eureka, Nevada, both stands out for its use of local materials, and its integration into the hillside.  The design is configured based on a unit grid of 3’ weathered cedar louvers that wrap the entirety of the façade. Quarried local stacked stone serve as the anchors into the hillside, while milled cedar act as siding to the custom windows.  The 1000-square-foot cabin directly utilizes its hillside site and façade to expand on programmatic requirements.


The combination of these two components allows the façade to directly interchange use and privacy.  A sleeping porch wraps the main corner of the house, while continuous exterior corridors create protected patios along the two bedrooms and bathroom. All utilities are located within two large cabinetry volumes and can be easily concealed. The living and communal spaces directly face the tops of a local Aspen grove framed by a built-in daybed and a wood stove.

Project Completion: 2019